You run little guy. You run you free bastard

You run little guy. You run you free bastard

"Every morning I sit at the kitchen table over a tall glass of water swallowing pills. (So my hands won’t shake.) (So my heart won’t race.) (So my face won’t thaw.) (So my blood won’t mold.) (So the voices won’t scream.) (So I don’t reach for knives.) (So I keep out of the oven.) (So I eat every morsel.) (So the wine goes bitter.) (So I remember the laundry.) (So I remember to call.) (So I remember the name of each pill.) (So I remember the name of each sickness.) (So I keep my hands inside my hands.) (So the city won’t rattle.) (So I don’t weep on the bus.) (So I don’t wander the guardrail.) (So the flashbacks go quiet.) (So the insomnia sleeps.) (So I don’t jump at car horns.) (So I don’t jump at cat-calls.) (So I don’t jump a bridge.) (So I don’t twitch.) (So I don’t riot.) (So I don’t slit a strange man’s throat.)"

Jeanann Verlee, Good Girl (via hellanne)

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I’m constantly scared and depressed. I fucking hate it I hate that I don’t want to get out of bed I hate that everything I look at makes me sad. My thoughts are even worse. It’s been a year and I don’t feel anymore. I’m scared of myself what I can do to myself I’m…


I started to not expect things from people, I’ve started to not get my hopes up anymore. Every time I expect someone to do something either for me or with me I’m always let down. Whenever I get my hopes up they always end up getting crushed. I feel like I’ve been slapped in the face and punched in…



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This. This just make a my day.

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